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Health Alert Network
The Health Alert Network (HAN) is a nationwide communications system that was established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and is implemented by each state. It is designed to enable a two-way, 24/7 flow of critical health information among the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health and local and rural health care professionals throughout the state, including physicians, nurses, hospitals, laboratories, clinicians, public health workers, emergency management and others.

HAN messages range from informational updates of general interest to alerts which require immediate action. HAN members are identified and tracked in a secure database maintained by Public Health Preparedness.

Contact Information
If you are a public health professional, please contact John Flamm, E&I Officer, at 775.684.4057 to sign up to receive Nevada HAN messages, or to access the network.
HAN Background

The threat of bioterrorism in the United States has increased in recent years. New health threats that challenge the abilities of our existing local and state public health infrastructures are becoming more common. Further, our society is increasingly mobile, meaning that a disease originating in one state may be transferred to many other states in a single day. Without the needed communication system in place, clusters of disease cases can go undiagnosed for weeks while disease spreads silently.

A bioterrorism event, and other public health emergencies, may first be recognized by local health care providers, who notice a sudden surge in the emergency room, or a pattern of unusual cases or diagnoses. Health facilities throughout the United States must have the capacity to detect and respond to these threats. The answer is the Health Alert Network, which provides these essential capabilities:

  • ongoing surveillance activities to quickly identify potential health threats
  • laboratory capability to perform testing to determine the threat agent
  • the ability to conduct disease investigations
  • effective protocol for reporting incidents and sharing information
  • efficient emergency communications among all involved parties
When fully deployed, the Nevada HAN links local health departments to one another and to other partner organizations critical for effective preparedness and response.

Right ArrowNV State Health Division
    Main:  (775) 684-4200
    After Hours:
    (775) 688-2830
 Right ArrowInfectious Disease
    Reporting (775) 684-5911
 Right Arrow24-Hour CDC Info Line
    1 (800) CDC-INFO
 Right Arrow24-Hour CDC Emergency
    Operations Center
    1 (770) 488-7100

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