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Statewide Radon Hazard Awareness and Public Information Activities

Statewide radon hazard awareness and public information activities are conducted by the Radiation Control Program.


Radon Program

The Radiation Control Program provides information regarding radon health effects, testing, and mitigation. Available information is in the form of informational pamphlets, presentations to interested groups, response to telephone inquiries, and demonstration booths at health fairs and home shows.

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, invisible radioactive gas that is naturally occurring in all rock and soil types. Radon is considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Surgeon General, and the American Lung Association to be the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Radon can enter a building through the foundation and increase in concentration in the indoor air. All buildings have a potential for elevated radon concentrations if there is contact with the soil, including mobile homes if the home has skirting.

Elevated radon concentrations have been discovered in Nevada homes and it is recommended that all homes be tested for radon. Elevated radon concentrations are easy to test for and relatively easy to reduce or eliminate. Screening test kits are available for no more than $10 to $30.

The goal of Division radon awareness activities is to provide appropriate factual information to facilitate informed decisions by the public regarding their own health and safety. These efforts are also intended to encourage individuals to test their homes, as testing is the only means of determining if elevated radon concentrations exist.

If you want more information on this topic, click here: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Contact Information
Contact the Radiation Control Program at (775) 687-7550 for more information.

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