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Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program

The mission of the Nevada Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program is to facilitate a coordinated, comprehensive, culturally appropriate and systematic approach to prevent the spread of viral hepatitis in Nevada, limit the progression and complications of hepatitis-related liver disease, and advocate for hepatitis policies and resources.

The vision for hepatitis prevention and control is a coordinated local and statewide effort supported by public and private partnerships providing comprehensive, evidenced-based hepatitis services that assure:

  • Reduction in the number of new hepatitis infections and hepatitis-related deaths;

  • Collection and analysis of hepatitis data and dissemination of findings to stake holders;

  • Education of patients, providers, policymakers and the public about hepatitis; and

  • Affordable and accessible hepatitis counseling, screening, education, treatment, harm reduction and prevention efforts are available to all persons in need.

The Nevada Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program is dedicated to:

  • Increasing public awareness of the impact of hepatitis;

  • Improving the quality of life for those who are affected by hepatitis;

  • Reducing the disparities in hepatitis care that exist in racial and socio-economic segments of Nevada's population;

  • Reducing the burdens imposed by hepatitis;

  • Building hepatitis capacity and competency into Nevada's public health infrastructure;

  • Modifying Nevada's health care systems to better meet the needs of people with hepatitis; and

  • Developing new approaches to reduce the hepatitis burden in our state.

Area Covered: State of Nevada

Educational Materials

Sources of Funding for 2008-2012:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator Cooperative Agreement

Goals related to funding sources:

1. Provide hepatitis testing, counseling, referral, immunization, medical management, and treatment for adults at risk through the integration of services through exisitng public and private programs;

2. A state hepatitis prevention advisory committee provides oversight for the program and is a multi-disciplinary body of healthcare providers, data experts, and community members impacted by the disease and provides collaboration with other stakeholders to assure that there will be a wide range of meaningful activities available to those who require them;

3. Development of an operational plan for implementing hepatitis prevention and control efforts in the state, including methods for evaluation; and

4. Provision of a range of supports and services that are consistent with people's needs.

Contact Information
Sandi Noffsinger, MPH
HIV/STD/TB/Hepatitis Program Manager
Phone: (702) 486-0068


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