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Food Establishment Plan Review

Instructions for Submission of Plans for a Food Establishment and Plan Review Checklist

Nevada Revised Statute 446.930 and Nevada Administrative Code 446.955 requires that properly prepared plans and specifications be submitted to the Health Authority for review and approval when a food establishment is newly constructed, extensively remodeled, or if an existing structure is converted into a food establishment before any work has begun.

The attached plan review application is provided for your use in meeting the statutory requirements. It is the Public Health and Clinical Services EHS’s (PHCS-EHS) goal to facilitate the plan review process in the most timely and efficient manner. Some of the items on the list may not apply to your specific operation. If they are not relevant, please do not leave them blank. If you do so, it will be assumed that there is information that you have failed to provide. Rather, mark N/A or not applicable to those items that do not apply to your planned business operation.

When submitting plans to PHCS-EHS, only one set is required. It is suggested that you make a copy of your application for yourself. Submit the application and plans to the office that is checked on the left side of this page. If you are in doubt, please call the Carson City office and you will be directed to the office in which your plan review will take place. Plan review fees are due and payable at the time you submit your plans. They are calculated based on your annual permit fee, plus an additional $498.00. Plans are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. If your plans are not approved, a reason will be given in writing. Revisions will be needed either in the form of a new set of plans or revised individual sheets. Respond to all plan review questions from PHCS-EHS in writing. Plan approval will also be issued in writing.

No changes or revisions in your plans may be made after approval is given without notifying PHCS-EHS. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to inform contractors and sub-contractors about plan changes that may affect construction.

You will need to notify the appropriate PHCS-EHS office at least one week in advance of the day you wish to open. A final construction inspection must be conducted by PHCS-EHS staff to verify construction according to approved plans. You may not open until you have completed an application for your health permit, all fees have been paid in full, and the final construction inspection is completed.

Thank you and good luck with your future business endeavor! PHCS-EHS looks forward to working with you.


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